Thursday, June 25, 2015

On Towards Helter Skelter

In 1969, Charlie lead his hippy cult right off the reservation in trying to foment what he foresaw as an inevitable apocalyptic race war. Nearly forty years later, the komissars of our mass media are doing their damnedest to finish what the Manson family tried to start with their infamous murder spree.

Isn't it obvious? From the shooting of St. Trayvon to the racist policing policies in Ferguson, to the most recent Confederate Battle flag-adorned, white cis-Male gunman on psychotropic meds in a Black Southern Baptist Church, the overriding narrative in all these events are the same. Look closely at all the reportage, the talking points, and note the omissions of certain facts in all the infotainment reports of these various stories and a common theme emerges.  

Whether these events are false flag conspiracy theories deployed to socially engineer the populace or they are authentic, organic events and THEY are simply employing the Alinsky tactics of never letting a crisis go to waste, the end results are essentially the same.

It has never been more transparently obvious than now, that our corporate mass media cartel is the propaganda arm for the owners of society, and THEY are doing their best to get we the sheeple inflamed and enraged, so as to commence Helter Skelter. Make no mistake, the Manson family vision of racial Ragnarok in America Inc., is exactly the end game desired here. Once it finally comes to it, and the blacks, whites, browns, reds, and yellows are all fighting in the streets, a new season will commence...camping season!

THEY have always employed a Divide-and-Conquer strategy on we the sheeple, with mass media propaganda employed continuously to reinforce the institutionalized brainwashing of our public schools and university systems. THEY have inculcated this notion that racism is the premiere thought-crime for the rapidly receding majority of the citizenry (the Anglo-Caucasian Christians)...all while making it the only acceptable paradigm for the minorities of all other races, religions and any other group amongst the sheeple herds that accepts the idea that they must define themselves by the fun house mirror image of 21st century identity politics. 

But when oppressed-minority-class sheeple embrace the only officially acceptable form of racism, it isn't called that. Only oppressive majority members can be guilty of that thought crime! No, it's affirmative action, or reparations, or social justice or whatever euphemism they can use to delude the masses into cognitively dissonant compliance to the insane zeitgeist of our dystopian age.

The only way for a normal, well adjusted, white male to become accepted and celebrated in our Brave New World Order, is to trans-form themselves to trans-ition from the privileged-class sheeple herds to the oppressed-victim-class herds. The man our Fake President recently cited for courage on his twitter feed, shows all unjustly-privileged white Cis-Males the way to Post-American, social justice redemption through trans-oppression:

2015 Role Model of the Year

Dear Privileged White American Cis-Males, are your ready to follow your approved example of modern day bravery? You too can garner the accolades and approval from the likes of the leader of the free world,  if only you too follow in Caitlyn's footsteps of trans-courage!

Speaking of our Fake President, did you happen to catch him for the first time during his entire reign of error, finally making a public statement that was wholly truthful and honest? It only took seven years of presiding over the accelerating decline of post-racial America Inc., but it's great to see him finally say something other than a lie:

What is that, you say? Racism is in our DNA? Why yes, yes it is!

I'm a racist, you're a racist, we are all racists! It IS in our DNA. It's simply a matter of basic instincts for survival. In my not-so-humble opinion, racism is nothing more than a human being's instinct to be on guard and aware of any potential two-legged predators in your vicinity. It's basic biology to be suspicious towards THE OTHER, and to favor your own kinsmen or clan members.

The sooner you come to terms with the idea that we are all inherently racist, and that we are hard wired to be so, the better off you will be in understanding how the social engineers of our bizzarro world dystopia have manipulated and twisted all of our natural inclinations to enslave us all to our instincts and animalistic tendencies.

Because the real agenda at play here is actually quite's all nothing more than an epic play of psychodrama theater for the masses. A combination of bread and circuses financed by fiat usury operations of the company store, along with divide and conquer psy-ops. Between these cultural programs, we the sheeple are kept running in mental circles, oblivious to their machinations that are leading to our eventual economic, social and spiritual collapse, all designed to prepare us for the coming global authoritarian police state.

I'm past the point of tolerance and non-judgmental acceptance of deviance. I say, pick a side and get on with it. Since I'm a miscegenated mutt with the blood of oppressive-privileged Anglo DNA mixed with the minority Asian and Polynesian-Aboriginal DNA, I can't make up my mind which race I should fight for or against.

But since I do live in the Southern most state in the Union, I've enlisted with fellow Southron rebels against our present day Union of Yankee Social Justice Warriors and politically-correct useful idiot brigades.

Meme Courtesy of VFM #0109

To arms!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Hoist the Black Flag and Join the Culture War

I have been really busy with several different things going on in teh Real Life, which is why I haven't done much blogging lately, other than my Spearhead re-runs. Nevertheless, I have been greatly amused and entertained to watch the Rabid Puppies engage in the front lines of the culture war against the Socialist Justice Weasels over the turf of Science Fiction and Fantasy literature.

For far too long, I've been one of those who has just assumed the culture war for the mainstream consciousness of the masses is lost, the progressive leftards and Cultural Marxist useless idiots own the public domain of mainstream ideology, and that only the politically correct narrative is the only allowable thoughts anyone can express in public without any real consequence to their personal lives.

Well, the Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil is proving what I once thought of as a forgone conclusion wrong. The SJW's may have won many of the battles in the recent past...but the war is still being fought, and it's still far from over. I've decided it's time to step off the sidelines and do something besides blog about this culture war.

As Vile Faceless Minion #0160, I hereby declare that I'm joining in on the boycott.

Just to be clear here, I've always been an avid reader and purchaser of books. I've got several book shelves full of sci-fi and fantasy books, as well as several large cardboard boxes full of books stored away in the basement. I have always purchased books on a regular basis, although I never once gave two thoughts to publishers, nor conventions, nor awards such as the Hugos or Nebulas. But since Vox first called for anyone supporting the cause to assemble and take pictures of everyone's personal Tor book collections, I began looking at my own bookshelves and realized I have quite a number of books published by Tor that I have purchased over the years.

Boycott Tor? No problem. I've already stopped purchasing entertainment products from other entities for whom I find their advocacy for SJW horseshit has killed my desire to consume their products. I was once an avid MMA fan, and used to order every single UFC pay per view and watched all of it's cable TV offerings. I haven't ordered a UFC ppv in almost 2 years now, and I've also cancelled my NFL sunday ticket...and cancelled my cable tv subscriptions to boot. I'm done supporting the mainstream PC bullshit.

But not only am I going to join in the boycott of Tor, I'm also going to take the suggestion of VP commenter Thucydides:

"Let's use some basic economics against them. If they are going to start buying Tor books to make up for the loss of "other" customers, then start flooding the used book market with the Tor books that are cluttering your collection."
I think that's a stellar's doing much more than just simply refusing to buy Tor in the future. As soon as I get the time, I'm going to go and sell all of my Tor books to the used book store in town. For those who have seller accounts on Amazon, (I don't) sell all your Tor books at $.99 or whatever.

And for those of you Sci-Fi fanatics who insist that they must get the latest Tor books from their favorite authors....just do as others have suggested and buy those books used. And if you really want your favorite authors to get paid for entertaining you, go to their personal blogs and websites and hit up their tip jars.

This way, you get the latest books while still denying Tor the revenue to affirm their decision to stand by their douchebag, left wing, progressive libtards and their politically correct orthodoxy.

We may not win this culture war, but then we've got nothing to lose really.

It really is just another way we can all do are part in starving this particular beast.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Starve This Beast

JP Morgan: Robber Baron 2B2F

From the SpearheadFiles
Originally Published on
January 26, 2011

Many people simply write off  “conspiracy theory” as nothing more than fantastic SyFy channel fantasy, defined solely by stories of reptile aliens and satanic Boehmian Grove carnival freakshows.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

A conspiracy is nothing more than a group of people conspiring to carry out some action or actions to achieve certain goals, using their resources to effect deception, dishonesty, and misdirection so as to gain from the people's ignorance as they focus on all of the mass media misinformation and disinformation promulgated as weapons of mass distraction.

For instance, when one encounters left-wing liberals who are staunch anti-capitalist and anti-free market ideologues, they will sometimes make reference to the need for more Government regulation of business and the marketplace…otherwise you get the conditions for those dreadful “Robber Barons” who exploited the masses back in the early 20th century to amass fantastic wealth.

For example, note how this self-identified lefty blogger discusses “robber barons” and “unbridled capitalism.” He effectively describes the system of corporatism…which is really nothing more than a new name for fascism.

Real capitalism, by definition is “unbridled.” Pure capitalism is a free market.

The Robber Barons were not capitalists. They were Corporatists…aka Fascists. They used their wealth to finance elections to gain influence on the politicians to pass laws that would benefit their bottom lines by eliminating their competition through regulations and enforcement, thereby granting these Robber Baron’s corporations industry-wide cartels.


Conspired to take over the country and institute their vision of Government by the Corporations, for the Corporations…unbridled corporatism, not capitalism.

Yet those same robber barons that the leftist will decry as the primary example for why we need the Government to “regulate” the economy…

…are the same who financed, supported and lobbied to create the Federal Reserve in the first place…and who also now own significant shares of the stocks of the Fed’s member banks.

From the FDIC Learning Bank:

The term robber baron was revived in the 19th century in the U.S. as a pejorative term describing businessman who allegedly used unscrupulous tactics in their business operations and on the stock market to amass huge personal fortunes.Many of their massive businesses controlled a large majority of all activity in the respective industry, often arrived at through predatory pricing schemes that are now illegal.

Some of the most notable robber barons were J.P. Morgan (banking), John D. Rockefeller (oil), and Andrew Carnegie (steel).

Take special note of those three names.

Check out the Congressional Committee on Banking, Currency and Housing Report of 1976.

Note that all three names figure prominently in the formation and ownership of the Federal Reserve member banks.

All three amassed vast fortunes and enormous political control. All three had their wealth turned into multi-generational dynasties. All three estates eventually formed Foundations to protect the family wealth from the normal taxes We the Sheeple have to pay, as well as effecting the means of influencing society for their long term benefit.

For instance, The Rockefeller Foundation funded Feminism…they CONSPIRED to change the very fabric of society by attacking the Patriarchal structure of the nuclear family.

Here’s an excerpt from Aaron Russo’s last interview before his death in 2007 in which he recounts a conversation he had with Nick Rockefeller:

Well one of the things he told me was that.. he was at the house one night and we started talking and he was laughing and he said, “Aaron what do you think Women’s Liberation was all about?”

And I had pretty conventional thinking about it at that point and I said, “I think it’s about women having the right to work to get equal pay with men just like they won the right to vote.”

He started to laugh and he said, “Your an idiot.”

And I said, “Why am I an idiot?”

And he said, “Let me tell you what that was about. We the Rockefellers funded that.”

“We funded Women’s Lib and we’re the ones who got it all over the newspapers and television (through) the Rockefeller Foundation…”

And he says, “You wanna know why?

There were two primary reasons.

And one reason was we couldn’t tax half the population before Women’s Lib and the second reason was now we get the kids in school at an early age.. we can indoctrinate kids on how to think and with it break up their family. The kids start looking at the state as the family.. As the schools as the officials as their family.. not the parents teaching them. And so those were the two primary reasons for Women’s Lib.”

Some people will ignore this quote and say that conspiracy theories are nothing more than reptilian alien sex fiend delusions promoting female supremacy.

These same folks will laugh and criticize the likes of one of the internet’s most famous conspiracy theorist, Henry Makow, as a complete moonbat who hurts the cause of Men’s Rights.

Yet Henry Makow repeatedly issues the most basic and simplest of challenges for people who think he’s a loon to see how right or wrong he is: Google “Rockefeller Foundation” and “Women’s Studies.”

The Rockefeller Foundation literally has bankrolled the primary transmitter of Cultural Feminism for the last several decades in the US – the Women’s Studies programs in colleges and Universities across the country.

All the aspiring journalists, film makers, screenwriters, and other news media and entertainment industry focused students took these women’s studies classes during their educational careers, and hit the mass media production industry after graduation, fully indoctrinated in the attitudes and ideas of the feminist zeitgeist. And it literally embedded itself into the mass media propaganda we now call “info-tainment” to make it a cultural influence that has perfectly socially engineered our modern feminist society.

But remember…this is crazy conspiracy theory. It couldn’t possibly be true…feminism was an organic, grass roots movement born of women who were truly oppressed by Western Patriarchy!

The Carnegie Foundation has also been a big supporter of feminist scholarship.

But for this article, I’d like focus primarily on the third Robber Baron’s Estate listed: JP Morgan.

While Carnegie and Rockefeller’s wealth were used to create Foundations to exert influence over society, JP Morgan became one of our present day banks “too big to fail.”

But don’t be mistaken if you think that JP Morgan doesn’t have anything to do with feminism either.

In fact, JP Morgan has ingeniously positioned itself to reap massive profits from one of the lynch pins of effecting Feminist policy in the U.S. – the Food Stamp programs now using debit cards instead of the Federally printed paper “stamps.”

As the Economic Collapse Blog points out:

JP Morgan is the largest processor of food stamp benefits in the United States. JP Morgan has contracted to provide food stamp debit cards in 26 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. JP Morgan is paid for each case that it handles, so that means that the more Americans that go on food stamps, the more profits JP Morgan makes. Yes, you read that correctly. When the number of Americans on food stamps goes up, JP Morgan makes more money.

Food stamps (aka WIC and/or EBT and/or SNAP) is one of the key programs of the "social(ist) safety net" that enable women to create more single-mother households. Women don’t need Men to be providers now…they have JP Morgan to assist the Federal Government in taking money from working taxpayers and feeding single mother households and their illegitimate broods!

JP Morgan also administers child support debit cards in 15 States, making it more efficient for child support agencies to take money from Dads and deposit them via electronic funds transfers into these debit card accounts so women will have a much easier time spending the support payments with their JP Morgan child support debit cards.

Isn’t JP Morgan just great?!

I say it’s time to starve this beast.

If you have a JP Morgan bank account, close it. Take your business elsewhere.

If you have a JP Morgan credit card, pay it off or transfer your balance to a smaller bank that isn’t a part owner of the Federal Reserve banking system nor a profiteer off of the feminazi welfare state.

Reduce your tax obligations to the least amount possible. It’s our tax dollars being used to pay the likes of JP Morgan to administer these debit card programs.

Better yet, expatriate to some country where Rockefeller and Carnegie sponsored social engineering – aka “feminism” – has yet to take a demographically destructive hold on the populace (if such places even exist anymore).

All things considered, I realize that realistically, such actions taken by the amount of readers who would take this seriously still wouldn’t even come close to being able to starve this beast. It’s grown to large, too menacing and too rapacious.

But at least you won’t be supporting it’s continued devouring of Western Civilization. After all, even if you can’t effectively starve the beast, that doesn’t mean you should help to feed it either.

Notable Commentary from the Original Post

Joe Zamboni January 26, 2011 at 10:29

Much more could be said about the intentions behind Feminism, for example its intention to impose a new level of fascist governmental control. But the notion of “starving the beast” is a worthy topic for this comment thread. Yes, great, don’t earn any more taxable money than you absolutely need, so you won’t contribute to the draconian Feminist system under which we live. But there are many other ways to starve the beast. Engage in barter and mutual-support arrangements with neighbors. Don’t get married. Don’t buy Valentine Day’s gifts. Don’t engage in the wine-and-dine dating process. Home school your kids if you have them. Better yet, don’t have kids and make sure you don’t by getting a vasectomy. In what other ways are people starving the beast?

Elusive Wapiti January 26, 2011 at 10:35

One doesn’t need to have a buncha guys and gals in smoke-filled rooms to be a conspiracy.

One need only to look at the etymology of the word to see that “conspiracy” can have a very wide application:

“con”, meaning “with” or “together”, and

“spire” meaning “breathe”.

Thus a “conspiracy” is merely a collection of people who think alike and act in a congruent way…they “breathe together” in unison.

We are truly surrounded by conspiracies.

AntZ January 26, 2011 at 10:53

The author thinks that big business funded the birth of feminism in order to weaken collective bargaining and increase profits.

Maybe, maybe not. Who cares? That was long ago. Today, the feminist crusade for privilege, pampering, and entitlement is killing the economy, and corporate profits along with it. I guess you could say “what goes around, comes around.”

Keoni Galt January 26, 2011 at 11:01

"The author thinks that big business funded the birth of feminism in order to weaken collective bargaining and increase profits."

No, the author thinks that Big Business became BIG because they were able to buy influence and power to gain control of the government to pass laws and promote ideas to shape society via educational institutions and mass media.

Feminism is one of those things they deliberately promulgated, for a variety of reasons.

Today, the feminist crusade for privilege, pampering, and entitlement is killing the economy, and corporate profits along with it.

Except for the Corporations of the likes of JP Morgan. As the economy continues to tank, more people become dependent on foodstamps. The more people on the foodstamp debit card program, the more JP Morgan profits.

You think JP Morgan and all the other corporations “too big to fail” are hurting with the rest of us? Hardly…they’re profiting mightily off of our misery!

Keyster January 26, 2011 at 11:11

One could argue George Soros is the modern day version of those guys, with his manipulation of currency markets and financial influence in the liberal media. He’s at the top of the NWO hierarchy.

The beast IS starving right now. The “American Dream” is over and people sense it. We’re getting make to basics. Gone are the days of McMansions, SUV’s and massive consumerism. The well has run dry. States will default to get out of public worker pension debt. The federal government will need to slow printing money. Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid will HAVE to be cut, along with defense. The big three are 80% of the budget. We lack the political will to make the hard choices now, so the pain will only be greater later.

Without the current level of government entitlements women as a group will be facing some harsh realities about life. They may even take to liking men again.

Lovekraft January 26, 2011 at 11:24

@ Keoni:

take opposition to your message as proof you are on the right track. And IMO, internet debate has evolved beyond troll-sniping where any flaming gets quickly ignored/down-voted. Call it the awakening of materialistic delusion as Western status erodes and resources dwindle. The more the opposition, the closer to the awakening.

As for this article, I think there may be some deeper, darker forces involved than just a few greedy families – witchcraft, ancient Arabic bloodfeuds etc. Anyone who tries to ‘connect these dots’ requires incredible focus and stamina. Thankfully, you have maintained focus in exposing the Rock/Carn/Morg trifecta.

Alan B January 26, 2011 at 11:28

@antz Maybe, maybe not. Who cares? That was long ago. Today, the feminist crusade for privilege, pampering, and entitlement is killing the economy, and corporate profits along with it.

its killing the economy for the Regular Joe/Jane, but dont get it twisted.. corporate profits are only going HIGHER. 16% real unemployment but magically the market is back up to 12,000 and revving up.. its the people that cant afford a ticket to the “big show” that are getting shafted. both Men AND Women.

this is about 3 things, money power control. The people at the top have it, they want to keep it (forever), and they will destroy those below them to do that. As long as they maintain that buffer that separates them from the rioting masses beneath them, they are safe. How do they maintain that safety net? DIVISION. repubs vs dems vs conserve vs neocon men vs women vs homos vs retards vs kids jew vs muslim vs christian vs terrorist jets vs steelers vs packers vs michael vick color vs color vs label label label you get it. slap a label on someone and someone ELSE will attack.. if they don’t, make that “labeled” person PRIVILEGED with laws and PROTECTION from the non-labeled and guess what… CONFLICT.

As long as everyone’s attention is focused on the fight in the ring, no one sees the vault getting robbed.

the ones robbing the vault …. conspirators the ones robbing the vault control the media… therefore we can only theorize what happened since they control the flow of (dis)information Conspiracy Theory

Robert January 26, 2011 at 11:39

Feminism = the mother of many criminal conspiracies.